SlowStop® Bollards

The patented SlowStop® Bollard system is a revolutionary rebounding steel pipe bollard system that does more than just block access. During a collision, the kinetic energy of the impact is progressively absorbed by an elastomer hidden in the base of the bollard.

The post is able to tilt approximately 20° as it progressively absorbs energy, softening the impact.  After the impact, the post returns upright, leaving your guard intact and ready to perform again. 

SlowStop® Bollards are made for concrete installation only.

The system is made up of four main components; the post (standard schedule 40 / ISO pipe), the base, an adapter, and the energy absorbing elastomer.  Each piece is modular and easily replaced should damage occur.  The system is installed using four or eight concrete anchor screws to secure the unit to the concrete.

The benefits of the system are numerous.  Among them are the following:

  • Installation is simple, requiring only common tools and taking about 15 minutes per standard bollard.
  • Vehicle occupants are less likely to be injured as impacts are gradually softened.
  • Damage is reduced to both the vehicle and the bollard during impact.
  • Fork Truck loads are less likely to be lost during an accidental collision.
  • The modular system allows for the replacement of damaged parts without completely re-pouring concrete.
  • Flexible relocation without filling large core holes and chipping away old concrete.
  • Fencing and complex barriers can be created from slide-together connectors without the need for welding.