Brisafe - Tensioned System

The Berry Brisafe system is based on three lengths of wire rope anchored under tension to the car park structure. These ropes are then fitted with infill panels which can be colour co-ordinated to almost any specification.

On impact, the wire ropes deflect absorbing the impact energy forces and then return to their normal ‘resting’ position. Following an impact, the damaged infill panel can be swiftly removed and replaced. The wire rope elements are fully re-usable.

Tests at MIRA showed that the system meets the requirements of EN 1991-1 (BS6399) and also recommendations from the Institute of Civil Engineers, Institution of Structural Engineers relevant to perimeter barriers for vehicle and pedestrian protection. It also meets the new European Standard BS EN 1991.1.1 2002 Annex B which has superseded the British Standard and defines imposed loads in Buildings.

The system is ideal for new build car parks as it is fixed to the structural supports and creates a visually attractive barrier that combines an independently tested safety performance with architectural flexibility to enhance the appearance of the whole structure.

Unlike traditional vehicle barriers, the Berry Brisafe system can be supplied in any RAL colour and the combined infill can include custom designs and logos thereby providing innovative opportunities for designers to create unique themes and to integrate identities between car parks and the facilities they serve.

The deflection of the system under impact means that Brisafe is not usually suitable for use where an additional facade or cladding is also specified.


  • Zero bay footprint
  • Requires no anchorage into the car park deck
  • Stylish vehicle and pedestrian protection
  • Cost-effective single panel replacement
  • Integrated anti-climb system
  • Perforated panel alternative
  • Independently tested to BS6399 and ICE Recommendations
  • RAL matching and even logo application

We can provide bespoke designs to suit your requirements, please contact our sales department for further info and discuss your needs.