Floor Mounted Systems

Traditional floor mounted safety barriers for single level or multi-storey car parks can be mounted on flexible, semi-flexible or rigid posts; they are often used inside industrial sites or externally to help protect the structural integrity when there is a risk of high-impact collisions. We now have tubular post systems available to meet your aesthetic requirements.

The choice of an effective perimeter edge protection is based on a number of variable factors: 

  • Space available in which to install a barrier system and minimise any encroachment into parking bay length;
  • Cladding/external facade detail to be protected and location in relation to the barrier;
  • Climbability of any barrier located in ofrnt of existing perimeter walls / facades;
  • Handrail/mesh infill system requirements, if any;
  • Edge detail in relation to suitable anchorage, i.e. edge beam detail, concrete slab thickness/structure and water proofing details; and
  • General aesthetical appearance