Rigid Post System

Both cast-in and bolt down solutions are available for this floor mounted system. Strength can be further increased in high risk areas by reducing post centres. Where minimal deflection is essential a combination of Rigid P224 Posts and Open Box Beam will provide a very good level of protection. However, significantly increased load is transferred into the structure compared to flexible solutions.

Berry Rigid Barriers are assumed by BS 6399 to have a zero deflection and deformation of the barrier rail and damage to the vehicle is likely with any significant impact. Because of their solidity, high anchor bolt forces are generated, so they require substantial footings.

These have a pull out loading of 100kN and are best used where there is no room for any barrier deflection and minimising damage can not be a priority.


  • Reduced Deflection
  • Industrial and Car Park Applications
  • Wide Variety of Sizes

We can provide bespoke posts and centre spacing’s to suit your requirements, please contact the sales department for further info and discuss your needs.