Deterrent Fencing

Choose our deterrent fencing for applications where a strong boundary is required for protection as well as prevention, such as in utilities, rail, industrial and warehousing.

At Berry Systems, we supply and install a huge choice of options from the UK’s leading range of safe and compliant perimeter security options to prevent and deter attacks.

We have years of experience and expertise in the installation of security fencing in a variety of locations and for various sectors along with providing a highly professional service to cater for all your requirements.

Specialist fencing products are produced to the very highest standards of security, resilience and quality and are certified by several national and international bodies including government regulators and testing standards.

We offer our perimeter fencing with security options including spiked tops, minimal foot holes and cutting resistant solid steel vertical poles.

Products are available with customised appearance, including a range of colour choices and patterns to cater for locations where attractive perimeters are required, without compromising on security.


Palisade is a hugely popular fencing system, favoured for its versatility and reliability. It features an imposing appearance for an effective visual deterrent, with spiked tops, minimal foot holes and cutting resistant solid steel vertical pales, to ensure protection against unauthorised access and attack.

You can even choose additional security options like triple spiked tops, razor wire coils, barbed wires and rotating spikes.

Key Features:

  • Palisade pales come in ‘D’ or ‘W’ profiles
  • ‘W’ pale can be 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm
  • ‘D’ pale can be 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm thick
  • Pale tops can be single, triple pointed, round and notched or rounded only
  • For added security, pales can be welded in place instead of using fixings
  • Can add razor wire coils, razor wire tape, barbed wire and rotating spikes
  • Available with welded, slotted, or loose fishplates that can be concreted-in/base plated for bolting down
  • Posts can be vertically extended to take barbed or razor wire
  • Posts can be prepared to be customised with electric security fencing
  • Higher security CPNI, LPCB SR2 and SR3 options available

FastGuard mesh is an expanded metal boundary fencing system. With flexibility, compliance and stringent safety measures in mind, FastGuard is available in a variety of options, making it ideal for applications requiring a strong boundary.

With flexibility, compliance and stringent safety measures in mind, FastGuard is manufactured to meet selected regulatory requirements, including those of Network Rail and various electricity boards.

FastGuard’s mesh panels are formed from a single piece of steel to ensure inherent strength and the eradication of weak points. This method guarantees optimum strength and maximum performance, even in demanding environments.

Swing gates and cantilever gates manufactured to British Standard are available to match.

Key Features:

  • Mesh panel is expanded from a single piece of steel
  • No welding, creating a continuous panel
  • Follows the contour of the land better than traditional rigid panel mesh
  • Available in several mesh patterns, including 1697 and 990
  • Available to Network Rail and electricity board specifications
  • Conforms to the British Standard – BS 1722 Part 14:2016

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