Sustainable Electric Vehicle Charging

The need to tackle climate change and to provide a cleaner, more sustainable environment is driving a shift to electrical vehicles, and this needs to be given very careful consideration in the design and planning of any new car parking facility.

Incorporating electric vehicle chargers into your project will future proof the development and allow you to expand capacity when required.

From plug and play EVs, to models that can be charged using solar powered car ports, battery storage for excess energy, or bespoke integrated systems to feed clean electricity to power building utilities, the possibilities are endless.

EVC Systems

We have developed a range of EVC systems that will enable your car park development to benefit from a wide variety of advantages. Our plug and play EVCs are designed to efficiently charge electric vehicles directly from the mains supply of your building and these are available in a choice of designs.

However, incorporating car parts with solar panels opens up a variety of additional benefits with a range of ways to utilise any excess power generated.

Battery storage:

Batteries can be utilised to store excess electricity for future use.

Feed the grid:

Instead of storing excess power, it can be sent back to the grid for financial benefit.

Power your facility:

Alternatively, electricity unused by parked vehicles can be used towards power the facility.

EV Charging Bollards

With access to a range of EVC bollard systems, we can provide fixed or flexible post options that are much less susceptible to damage and are easier to replace.

Our EVC bollards offer a host of benefits for your car parking facility and improve end user experience.

Impact protection:

Flexible energy absorbing EVC bollard options to protect again low speed impacts, reducing damage to posts and vehicles.

Low cost solutions:

EVC bollards can be positioned in any location with access to power and are a cost-effective method to create parking bays.

Sustainable charging:

Can be utilised with EVC systems such as solar powered car ports to provide a clean, sustainable charging solution.

EVC bollard benefits:

  • Easy to install and replace if damaged
  • Bespoke designs include choice of colours and branding
  • Slow, medium and fast charging capacities
  • Flexible options available for reduced impact damage
  • User friendly for enhanced end user experience
Solar Car Ports

Incorporating solar shading to the top levels of car parks is becoming increasingly popular. With this in mind, we have designed in a car port system to improve the efficiency and sustainability of your project.

These car ports maximise the power of solar to change electric vehicles and to generate enough energy to be either stored, used for vehicle charging or other uses.

Bespoke solutions:

We offer a wide range of architectural car port system solutions to suit your project.

Cost savings:

By utilising solar power, you will minimise energy expenses and make significant savings.

Environmentally friendly:

Incorporating a solar panel car port will reduce the carbon footprint of your facility.

The benefits of Solar Car Ports:

  • Efficient solar panel arrays
  • Lightweight modular design
  • Secure anchorage with minimal ground penetration
  • Quick to install and relocatable in full
  • Battery storage utilisation for other facilities
  • Soffit lighting and managed water drainage

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