Security Fencing

Our Security Fencing is the ideal choice for applications that demand tough protective measures, including prisons, utilities, industrial sites, police facilities, schools, ports and airports.

At Berry Systems, we supply and install a huge choice of security fencing options from the UK’s leading range of safe and compliant perimeter security options.

Specialist fencing products are produced to the very highest standards of security, resilience and quality and are certified by several national and international bodies including government regulators and testing standards.

Swing gates and cantilever gates manufactured to British Standard are available to match.


TwinGuard is a hard-wearing mesh boundary fencing system, featuring excellent rigid panel systems to deliver increased protection against cut through.

It also has thick, double horizontal wires and a clamp bar fixing to ensure robust demarcation, making TwinGuard the ideal choice for schools, sports, industrial and retail sites to prevent attacks or security breaches.

TwinGuard offers a deterrent against climbing and scaling, with protruding spikes and upper mesh, while steel clips completed with stainless steel fixings prevent tampering.

As well as offering high security, TwinGuard also provides a clean, classic aesthetic that’s favoured by architects and specifiers, thanks to additional vertical wires.

Key Features:

  • Thick mesh wires protect against cut through
  • 200*50 mesh apertures
  • Clamp bar fixing from post to mesh
  • Hardwearing
  • Wire size within the panel can either be 868* or 656*
  • Conforms to the British Standard – BS 1722 Part 14:2016
  • Clips available for Lite version

Additional Security Features:

  • Barbed wire
  • Razor wire
  • Electrified fence
  • PIDs and PIDs systems

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SecureGuard 358 mesh is our premium high-security boundary fencing system. It meets the very highest demarcation requirements to prevent and deter attack or breach internally and externally. It is ideally suited to any application that demands the toughest protective measures, including prisons, utilities, industrial, police facilities, schools, ports and airports.

This mesh fencing has tight, horizontal mesh apertures with anti-climb features, whilst offering strong visibility for CCTV and security patrols.

With flexibility, compliance and rigorous safety measures in mind, we manufacture to meet strict Home Office specifications.

Key Features:

  • Horizontal mesh apertures
  • Anti-climb
  • Strong visibility for CCTV and security patrols
  • Clamp bar fixing
  • Thick mesh wires protect against cut through
  • Conforms to the British Standard – BS 1722 Part 14:2016

For a heavy-duty, durable high security fencing system, choose SecureGuard SR1.

SecureGuard SR1 can withstand attacks by bodily force and basic tools for over 60 seconds, providing exceptional protection for sites in need of high security boundaries, such as police facilities, airports, ports, data centres, high-risk schools, utility plants and industrial and commercial premises.

SecureGuard SR1 has passed rigorous tests by the LPCB, meeting LPS1175 SR1 and BS 1722 pt 14 standards.

Key Features:

  • Security Fencing – Rigorously tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 SR1 standards
  • Accredited by Secured by Design
  • Anti-climb and anti-cut security mesh
  • Bolt through security fixings and extra wide clamp bar
  • Good visibility for CCTV and security patrols
  • Copes with sloping ground up to 21° angles
  • Optional anti-climb toppings are available
  • Can be bolted down

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