Airports and Railways

Car parking is an essential part of the travel industry, especially for airports and railways. Customers leave their vehicle for up to several weeks and expect to do so knowing it is completely safe and secure.

Berry has provided transport security systems to some of the biggest airports and railways in the country.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 2

The new multi storey car park in Terminal 2 at Heathrow faced some challenges when looking to install the safety barriers on their spiral ramp. The floor depth wasn’t big enough to support the traditional rigid safety barrier, which is when Berry Systems were called upon.

Our range of flexible spring steel barriers were perfect for the shorter floor depth, as they were able to ‘give’ upon impact. Berry Beam safety rails were also installed to provide a more attractive appearance than traditional rails.

Banbury Railway Station

Berry Systems provided Banbury Station with several products such as exterior cladding and safety barriers, after the construction of a new multi storey car park. The Glass Sto panels mean that the car park blends into its surroundings, rather than stand out against it, by reflecting the properties opposite.

As well as the cladding, Berry Systems also supplied and installed the capping panels, soffits, internal perforated metal, infill panels, the link bridge security and access gate, rail side security mesh and the vehicle safety barriers.

Our associated case studies


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