Utilities and Critical Infrastructure

The safety and security of people and vehicles is paramount in critical infrastructure to ensure they can always continue to operate efficiently. At Berry, we offer a range of systems which will protect people, property and vehicles in this sector, aiming to provide the most complete protection possible. This includes perimeter security fencing, safety barriers and cladding.

Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

Derriford Hospital’s car park was built with an environmentally friendly design, including green walls with climbing, and timber and steel latticework on the exterior, which meant the safety barriers needed to be strong to protect the exterior framework.

After seeking advice, Berry Systems recommended the RB1X spring steel buffers which returns to its original shape after an impact, minimising damage to not only the barrier itself, but also the vehicle and the floor which the barrier is mounted.

Berry Beam rails were included to improve the design compared to the traditional Armco rails, and handrails and anti-climb mesh were also used to keep pedestrians safe.


Our associated case studies


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