Stay secure with single source physical perimeter protection

Physical perimeter security systems have never been more vital than they are now. Dannyjo Cox, Head of Commercial at Berry Systems, talks about the importance of working with a company that provides an end-to-end service.

When we talk about security in this digital age that we live in, we tend to think about it in terms of protecting ourselves and our businesses from online hacking and cyber-attacks. But the dangers of physical attack and the serious implications of material threat to people, property, and premises is a constant concern.

Higher terrorism activities in recent years, along with a significant rise in planned crimes, the breach of security systems and other illegal activities has led to an increased awareness among industry, government and the general population of the importance of protection against physical assault.

Schools, industrial plants, data centres, airports, critical national infrastructure and utilities, are just a few examples of the many different locations where physical perimeter security is absolutely essential.

It’s no wonder then that physical security is currently one of the world’s fastest growing sectors – a report published by Grand View Research in May last year stated that ‘the global perimeter security market size was valued at £13.57 billion in 2018 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7.7 percent’.


For architects, specifiers or project managers that are looking to prevent unauthorised access with a physical perimeter security fencing system, it can be a minefield to source the correct products and to find the right company to install it to an exceptional standard. It often results in various points of contact and multiple guarantees.

HS Security was set up to offer a single point of supply for physical security systems. As the biggest company in the sector, HS Security is a collaboration of firms owned by Hill & Smith Holdings and is setting new benchmarks within the sector. Berry Systems is the seventh member to join the group portfolio.

Our vast experience means that we are perfectly placed to provide customers with an expert end-to-end service. As the installation arm of HS Securities, we can bring together all the high-quality products that we manufacture as a group to provide integrated measures to meet any project requirements.

Giving clients a single point of support and confidence in site security performance, HS Security offers complete solutions, from design through to handover and after sales maintenance. Backed by Hill & Smith Holdings and with a single guarantee to cover the whole project, we have expertise and knowledge in a wide range of disciplines and can create all specification if needed.


Acting as both subcontractor or principle contractor, Berry Systems has a long track record of working with major brands for the installation of security fencing in car park construction, industrial, transport and logistics, data centres, commercial, utilities and critical infrastructure, as well as associated access control products and general street furniture. We recognise the individual needs of our clients which enables us to provide an unrivalled service.

The HS Security brand represents the unification of a solid, reliable set of companies from a thoroughbred and long-established group. The combined expertise between all associated products and services gives the client a complete confidence in its physical site security performance along with the quality of its installation.



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