Vehicle & Pedestrian Segregation

It is vital that pedestrian areas are segregated with handrails within industrial premises, distribution yards, car parks and warehouses to prevent collisions with vehicles.

Twinball Handrail

The Berry Twinball Handrail system provides a sturdy and effective standalone pedestrian safety barrier that can be installed in traffic flow areas to provide excellent delineated protection.

Tubular Rail

The floor-mounted Tubular Rail system consists of closed tubular profiles that are manufactured from 3mm thick band steel and then roll-shaped in a roller tool and fuse welded to assemble.

The tubular profile is elliptical and is made with a U-shaped protrusion to create the end result.

Tubular Rail is a popular choice of barrier due to its aesthetic qualities and is ideal for industrial applications, as the rounded shape increases its resilience to stresses.

Our associated case studies


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