Warehouse Barriers

Warehouse protection barriers from Berry Systems can be used to help protect structural columns, pipework, stock and personnel.

We offer different variants of warehouse protection barrier to accommodate different types of vehicles and surroundings. They have been designed for the following purposes:

4M Warehouse Barrier

4M Warehouse Barrier can be mounted on spring steel buffers, with a maximum of 1600mm post centres recommended and a minimum of four spring steel buffers for a single length of Warehouse Barrier to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Warehouse Barrier 90 Degree Bend Section

Pre-formed into a 90-degree bend section, this Warehouse Barrier is fitted to either end of a standard rail or other bend section to create a protected corner. This provides protection to the whole corner to prevent collisions and impacts from vehicles.

Warehouse Quarter Bend

This is a short section of Warehouse Barrier with a rounded end section to prevent an exposed end facing traffic flow. Closing the end enhances the protection of both driver and vehicle, should a vehicle collide with it.

Mini Warehouse Buffa

Mini Warehouse Buffa is a low-level steel solution designed to absorb light impacts from low speeds. It stands 235mm from the floor for a cost effective alternative when a lower-level warehouse barrier is required.

Mini Warehouse Buffa Plus

The 610mm high Mini Warehouse Buffa Plus system provides protection from glancing blows at low speeds using the smaller profile Warehouse Rail. It is available in single or double height for additional protection.

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