Column & Pipe Protection

Supporting Columns are highly vulnerable to damage from vehicle traffic. Repairs can be costly and, in the worst cases, could affect the structural integrity of the building with far reaching consequences.

Protecting exposed pipework, ductwork and light columns is also highly important.

The Berry Systems range of column protection units (CPUs) cater for various sizes and can be tailored to provide the best protection.

Column Buffer Plus

The Column Buffer Plus is a combination of the RB1 76×12 buffers and warehouse rail bends.

These are available in three stock sizes – 500/750 and 1000mm diameters.

Tested for glancing and low speed impacts, these can be used to protect structural columns.

Column Sentry

Made from semi-flexible and stress crack resistant plastic, our Column Sentry CPUs restrict access to vehicles and protect pedestrians using an air cushion method designed to absorb energy generated by impact.

Due to its innovative design, Colum Sentry units fully protect a column from damage from both fork-lift trucks and other vehicles, withstanding repeated impacts and reducing replacement costs.

Heavy Duty CPU

The Heavy Duty CPU is built to withstand impacts from larger vehicles, making it ideal for industrial yards where HGVs are present. The additional protection this CPU provides reduces the risk of collisions into supporting columns, structural items, stock and machinery.

Bespoke units can be designed to cater for most applications and vehicle weights.

I-Beam Protector

I-Beam Protectors from Berry Systems utilise warehouse barriers formed to a circular shape to completely surround a column, enabling 360-degree protection from vehicle impact. The I-Beam is fitted to minimise encroachment on the surrounding space.

I-Beam Protectors can be manufactured to accommodate any universal beam column size.

Monostrut Rail

A light and economic spring steel system, the Monostrut Rail CPU offers protection against small pallet movers and passenger vehicles travelling at low speeds. This system is suitable for both interior and exterior use as it is galvanised to prevent weathering.

Fendering Profiles

In addition to column protection units, Berry Systems offer a variety of fendering profiles that can be used in multiple applications. These rubber profiles are designed to provide low-level protection against collision and scrapes and can be placed on ramps and supporting walls to avoid structural damage.

Fendering profiles can help reduce car park maintenance and keep refurbishment costs down to a minimum.

Rubber Column Protector

With high visibility corners and rubber shock absorbers, Rubber CPUs absorb the energy of an impact to prevent further damage to the column. Corners are coated yellow to improve visibility and reduce the risk of collision.

This product can be manufactured to universal beam sizes to ensure accurate installation.

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