Industry, Manufacturing and Food

Berry Systems provide several safety features for many different sectors, including the manufacturing and food processing industry. We install systems to ensure security at factories and warehouses across the country, providing physical security as well as car parking solutions.

Vehicle Storage Deck, Southampton Docks

The multi-deck storage facilities at Southampton Dock were designed to accommodate the increase in traffic heading to the port. The latest of the four facilities that were built needed an effective choice of perimeter protection and decided to use Berry Systems’ wire rope solution.

The system used a combination of five and six tensioned wires at different heights to cater for varying vehicle sizes. As the deck had no pedestrian access, the usual anti-climb mesh and handrail weren’t required which maximised the parking space available as there was no footprint on the parking deck.

The wires were flexible enough to minimise any damage from impact but also were firm enough to provide the resistance needed. The wires were coated in yellow paint to increase visibility.


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