Design Advisory Service

Early contractor involvement is crucial to ensure that all the requirements of your project are expertly addressed right from the initial planning stage. By taking advantage of the Design Advisory Service from Berry Systems, we ensure that every aspect of your development is carefully co-ordinated, from conception to completion, and that your project is fully future proof.


The Car Park Design Advisory Service (CP-DAS) provides comprehensive consultancy in all areas of car park design, including access control, safety protection, traffic flow and exterior cladding options. All surveying and design work is carried out by our in-house experts and we have a full CAD service, utilising the latest software. Our testing facilities ensure your project meets the very highest standards of quality and safety.

At Berry Systems, we combine our expertise with a range of top-quality products and unbeatable service. Whatever you require, we will find you a solution.

Product Manufacture:

Our wealth of knowledge in steel and car parks gives you access to the best products on the market. We also manufacture products bespoke to architect requirements without compromising on safety.

Full Project Support:

Our expert team is here to support you in all aspects of your project, from initial concept right through to completion, making certain that everything runs smoothly and to schedule.


We carry out the maintenance and inspection of multi-storey car parks in accordance with the Institution of Structural Engineers, keeping your facility fully operational.


We will work with you to arrange deliveries to meet the demands of your project, helping to you to keep your schedules on track.

Surveying & Testing:

We offer a full surveying service for both supply only and supply and fit projects. Our testing facilities ensure all products and projects meet the most stringent standards of compliance.

Renders & Samples:

We can provide visual 3D renders and physical samples for your project, so you can get a clearer vision of how your development will come together.

Futureproof Design

With almost half a century of experience to call upon, Berry Systems has the expertise and knowledge to provide safety, security and protection solutions for car parks and commercial and industrial buildings that are designed with the next 50 years in mind, keeping our customers at the forefront of technological advances that will ensure your facilities are equipped to manage change.

Urban development requirements mean that today’s parking facilities are designed to enrich the aesthetics of its surroundings and enhance the end user experience. With one eye firmly fixed on the needs of tomorrow, Berry Systems design, supply and install sustainable solutions.

The expert team here at Berry Systems can provide advice and support in designing energy efficient facilities that meet the challenge of increasing electric vehicle use and a fast-changing urban landscape.

Talk to us early in your design process about your new-build or refurbishment project. We can advise on the latest developments in vehicle restraint systems, innovative solar powered EV charging points and a range of car park solutions to suit your requirements.

Sustainable Design

Whether it’s a car park, commercial building, block of flats or an office complex, the changing urban landscape and tighter planning restrictions require architects to get more creative with the functionality and style of their projects while satisfying environmental standards.

Berry Systems offer a range of environmentally friendly solutions, including Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging.

We also supply an extensive range of cladding and façade options that not only provide planners with a myriad of choice for that bespoke appearance but are also a sustainable solution.

These include:

  • Expanded mesh – suits a variety of different styles and can be produced with limited to zero waste.
  • Green walls – façades can be utilised in various configurations to support climbing or scrambling plants. This helps to purify the air and lower ambient temperature inside buildings.
  • Composite timber cladding – made from reconstituted timber and recycled high-density polyethylene.
  • Sto Glass – made from 96 percent recycled glass, the lightweight Sto Glass rainscreen cladding system can also be finished with solar photovoltaic cells enabling them to contribute renewable energy to the building.


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